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Here we are again with another DevBlog of Pheme. This time we’re going to be tackling the problem of request parsing. Let’s get started.

Format of an HTTP request

To parse an HTTP request we need to study the format of an HTTP request. According to Wikipedia, a request message consists of the following:

  • Request header fields(e.g., Accept-Language: en)
  • An empty line
  • An optional message body

Let’s tackle each of them individually.

Request Line

Request line consists of three components

  1. The path: For example /image
  2. HTTP version

Furthermore, when I dig a little deeper, I found this…

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I was playing around with flask and I though to myself — how hard would it be to write a toy web framework on my own. And here we are. We’re going writing the toy framework using Python. Let’s get started.

Initializing the Project

First I initialized the project as every other module. I also created a git repository to track and review changes as we move on with the project.

As I’m going to be modelling this framework around flask, we need to figure out how flask works. …

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This is the first in a series of Devblogs, as I like to call it, where I will try to develop a fully-fledged machine learning library in python. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Initializing the code

First, I initialized an empty git repository in my folder. I organized my files like a traditional module with and stuff. Next up we’re gonna create a regression folder where the regression methods like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and even Polynomial Regression are gonna reside.

The Linear Regression Class

I’m thinking of making this whole library object-oriented as is the case with most libraries. It makes it easier…

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